Dog Boarding Services in NJ

We know it can be difficult to find places for your pet to stay while you’re on vacation or away for work. That’s why we offer dog boarding opportunities for our clients, providing your pet with a beautiful place to stay with a trusted caretaker.

Our owner, Beth, has a beautiful dog lodging facility attached to her home set on four acres in a lovely country setting. Your pet will thrive in this calm and safe environment, so you can relax on your vacation. We treat your pet like ours in our home while you’re away from yours.

Dog boarding activities and interaction


When you board your dogs with us, you know they will be staying in a lodging facility attached to the Planet Poodle owner’s home. That means your dogs will be treated like family, with abundant hands-on care and playtime.

Your pet’s day will include activities and frequent play times in our secure fenced areas, with lots of personal attention and TLC. While indoors, your best friend will enjoy a calm, relaxing atmosphere, with a personal cozy resting area complete with comfy bedding and the sounds of soothing music. Our facility is climate-controlled, with radiant heated floors and safety and wellness systems to ensure health and comfort for the finest dog boarding in New Jersey.

If you haven’t boarded with us before, we’re happy to show you the facilities ahead of time so you know where your pup will be staying and can rest easy while you’re heading off on vacation or a work trip.

Why clients only?

We offer our dog boarding services for clients only to ensure maximum success and comfort for you and your pet. Through experience, we have learned that when our furry clients have a continuous relationship through our grooming services, they experience an excellent stay while lodging with us.

If you are not currently a client but are interested in taking advantage of our dog boarding services, you can start by coming in for grooming or bathing services to determine if we will be a good fit for your dog’s next vacation. We want to ensure your dog has an opportunity to develop a relationship with our team and for us to get to know your pup before taking them on at our lodging facility for an extended period.

New Jersey’s premier dog boarding

Our team at Planet Poodle is passionate, dedicated, talented and knowledgeable, striving to provide the utmost in quality and care for your furry friend. We are skilled at working with all types of breeds and sizes of dogs, tailoring our care to the individual needs of each pup we interact with.

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