Nail Trimming or Dremeling: Perfect for when you just need a nail trim. Includes:

  • Trimming-$15
  • Dremeling-$18
Planet Poodle Spa Bath and complete grooming Services in RedLake NJ


Hands-tripping is a true art! Many terriers and a few other breeds require hand-stripping to maintain their texture and color. Please call to discuss your hand-stripping options with one of our award-winning Planet Poodle Stylists.

Brush Out:

Perfect for longer coated pets in between groomings, to help prevent matting. A firm price will be provided once we evaluate your dog's size, coat condition and discussing any special requests you may have.


Dematting is a very special skill and service. Although we’ll do everything we can to suggest a grooming schedule that works for your pet, occasionally our little friends take an unexpected swim in the ocean or a romp in the snow causing their coats to become matted. We will gently provide this service to get your pet back to looking great!!! This is recommended along with a Spa Bath or Complete Grooming Service.

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Show Styling and Conditioning

If you are ready to take your “show stopper” into the ring, Planet Poodle’s award-winning styling can give them the winning edge! From show day styling to in-between conditioning our talented stylist team can provide you all your show needs.

Please call to discuss your show styling options with one of our Stylist team members.